You have trillions of friends. They are bacteria and other microbes in your gut, and all over your body.

This is a good thing -- the microbes are supposed to be there. You need them to be healthy, and they need you to feed them the nutrients they need to thrive. It's a partnership that has been evolving over millions of years, and we are just starting to understand how it works. Our company, Mycrobiomics, was formed in 2015 to make discoveries that will improve human health. We are partnering with creative and inspired scientists at top research institutions. Scientists who see the world a little differently, who challenge long-held beliefs, and who see the big picture.

Our focus is on human gut microbes and what they need from us to help us be healthy, in body and in mind. Our first partnership agreement is with the Mayo Clinic, and we are exploring and open to microbiome research commercialization opportunities, including oral, skin, and genitourinary tract microbiomes. Discoveries will lead to therapeutics, products and services.

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